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The Future of Financial Software

Financial Software Solution

Oracle NetSuite offers forward-thinking small and medium sized businesses a unique value proposition: Replace basic accounting software with an all-in-one business management system that can help solve challenges and give you a significant competitive advantage.

Oracle NetSuite is a comprehensive cloud-first, mobile friendly solution to address critical functions of your business including accounting, payroll, human resources, sales, service, manufacturing, warehousing, and commerce. This comprehensive, always-on platform includes built-in analytics and machine learning, giving you the power to take control of both your finance and your operations, growing your business without the limitations and accompanying hassle of legacy systems.

This webinar will explore why small and midsize businesses should consider investing in management software, the significant benefits and advantages they can achieve, and the key features in NetSuite designed from the ground up to address the needs of small and medium business. This a can’t miss program for any small and medium business looking to upgrade their software and take advantage of the latest technology.


The Future of Financial Software

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Key Takeaways


Key questions that were answered

Q1. How can an organization take advantage of the NetSuite Finance ERP without overloading the budget? Is the migration complex? How much time does it require to migrate?
A1. NetSuite can be implemented in organizations of all sizes and shapes. Even small companies using QuickBooks to large companies that went public can use NetSuite. The time to implement NetSuite is less than 90 days and shorter than average migration.

Q2. Can you use this software on any device?
A2. Yes, the software runs through the web browser and is compatible with mobile devices, and there is also a mobile app.

Q3. What is the main difference between basic accounting software like QuickBooks and NetSuite advanced software?
A3. NetSuite goes much deeper than software designed to handle basic financial statements, basic invoices, basic accounts payable, basic accounts receivable. NetSuite is designed to manage and report on your business on advanced level.

1. A holistic view of your business where your sales, customer relationship inventory orders and other items are all in one system.
2. It also gives you the ability to manage your processes and perform functions within the system.

For example, if you are in retail / e-commerce B2B or B2C, NetSuite offers a complete commerce solution that will enable you to take orders online and offline, manage inventory and process every aspect of the delivery process.

Q4. How does NetSuite handle governance, enterprise management, and corporate compliance?
A4. NetSuite allows you to manage your processes to ensure compliance. By centralizing corporate data and reporting from a single source of truth, the solution doesn’t suffer from data integrity issues. Plus, audit trails and security are built into the system including encryption. NetSuite also offers multifactor authentication and around the clock monitoring at no additional cost.

Q5. How is procurement handled among vendors and suppliers?
A5. There are ways to track vendors’ and suppliers’ activities in NetSuite CRM. You can track customers, process performances, order management, procurement and gain visibility in one source where all the transactions happen.

Q6. Does NetSuite have any customers in the Marine Industry?
A6. We have 26,000 customers worldwide in all kinds of industries.

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Chief Operating Officer,

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Regional Channel Sales Manager,

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Oracle NetSuite

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