About Us

Enabling Intelligent Solutions

Kompete was founded in 2008 by senior technology executives with deep experience in the enterprise services market.

Headquartered in New Jersey, the founder’s goal was to provide a high level of service, value, and scale to meet the needs of technology transformation and enable intelligence solutions for the Small and Midsize Businesses.

We specialize in providing to Foundational, Competitive to Transformation need for our clients that may be Manufacturing, Retail and Fashion, Non-Profit, eCommerce & Professional Service businesses, through the implementation of Oracle NetSuite Cloud Applications.

Why Kompete?

Our Vision

Create lasting value and a competitive advantage for our customers with innovative technology solutions that address their business challenges and drive their growth.

Our Mission

Making our Clients Win. Enabling Intelligent solutions to enterprises of all sizes to grow their mission, and accelerate their impact.

Our Culture

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The culture at Kompete enables us to create camaraderie that helps us perform our jobs better, and with sustained focus. We create a team environment of talent that complements each other to provide the best solution to our clients. Our team associates are like an extended family, and those deep relationships are reflected on how we come to work.
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Friday’s Unplugged

Thank God it’s Friday is the mantra of more relaxed times and get-together at the company level. For one hour every Friday, there is a collective disconnect to enjoy conversations and celebration on topics and themes besides work.
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With Technology changing by the minute, each Team Lead and Project Manager has a mandate to keep self and team up to date. The team breaks down in intervals for to prepare for professional certification, with professional training and self- learning to keep abreast of all the latest developments and training.
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Rewards and recognition

People are the most precious assets for a organization. We embrace a robust rewards & recognition philosophy that recognizes our associates and our team mates for their excellent work.

The “Entrepreneurial” and “Ownership” culture is the core foundation of our organization, making it a home for both budding talents and experienced veterans.

The Panchatattava – The Core Elements

The Panchatattva are the 5 key elements that are a must have for every Kor member, these are…


Our DNA reaffirms the important importance of practicing this key behavior and we see it reflected in everything we do successfully.

Sometimes we say “run to the customer,” enabling a more proactive approach as a proven concept.

KOR practices ethical behavior in letter and spirit, integrity is how we believe business should be conducted

The ability to see the bigger picture is how we have grown strong over 15 years and successfully weathered the winds of change in a dynamic environment
Contagious Curiosity
The appetite to learn and to keep pace with technology trends helps make think faster and smarter, and enrich our knowledge quotient

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