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NetSuite recommends its ERP and eCommerce solutions to manufacturers who are looking for a complete business solution. NetSuite’s comprehensive functionality enables manufacturers to reduce cost and waste while achieving double digit growth. With NetSuite manufacturers have everything they need to run a modern business.

Apparel, Footwear & Accessories

Companies focusing on Apparel, Footwear & Accessories must work with a variety of different customers from manufacturers , distributers & retailers. Thus, they require one integrated solution that allows them to manage all aspects of their supply chain. This is where NetSuite comes in. NetSuite has brought together its product family with enhanced functionality in order to meet these ensuring that companies can run their business more efficiently and profitably.
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Food & Beverages

Today’s food and beverage producers and distributers are facing a variety of challenges. Producers need to cater to changing customer tastes, comply with high safety regulations and adapt to an increasingly digital world. Distributers need to deal with increased competition, increased regulations and need to figure out how to manage complex trade promotions. This is where NetSuite can help. Oracle NetSuite enables food manufacturers and distributers to automate processes, plan demand & supply, manage and account for trade promotions, and drive efficiencies.


Nonprofit organizations face tremendous complexity and operational challenges in their quest to do good. They often run a myriad of disparate applications and spreadsheets, and lack tools that are affordable, effective and purpose-built to meet their unique needs. This is where NetSuite can help. With NetSuite, nonprofit organizations can make the most of every interaction with their donors and customers with a single 360-degree view.


Today’s retail customers want to be engaged across a variety of channels and touchpoints. They want a seamless experience regardless of which channel or location they are at. The customer has changed, and retailers need to change with them in order to differentiate themselves from the competitors. This is where NetSuite helps. NetSuite provides one integrated solution which helps to run your entire retail business.

Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and logistics companies sit at the intersection of increased technological capability and heightening, imperative to innovate. They must optimize operations to stabilize costs while delivering on – the rising expectations of their customers—who demand faster and cheaper delivery. This is where NetSuite can help. NetSuite helps them to transform, innovate and modify their business, helping them to navigate through an increasingly changing digital landscape.

Wholesale Distribution

In today’s digital era wholesale distributers are facing a huge challenge with more and more customer’s expecting a seamless, personalized online shopping experience. With many distributers still operating on legacy systems that have multiple disconnected systems meeting the expectations of the customers required them to move to a more modern approach. NetSuite’s products promise to be the solution they need on their path toward business success.

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