Which is the better CRM software? NetSuite CRM or Salesforce? Here’s the analysis.

NetSuite’s CRM Capabilities and integration with business process management and commerce offers an edge over Salesforce

With so much customer data available from lead generation to post-sales support, customer relationship management (CRM) is invaluable to the growth of a business. Customer data management can become a cumbersome process, however, with key data points spread across disparate systems like Point of Sale, accounting software, or eCommerce platforms. Successful customer relationship management software has to simplify managing the relationship with a customer, make it easy to report on all data about the customer, and also be instrumental in business development and growth for an organization.

Overview of Oracle NetSuite, a Successful, integrated Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

NetSuite’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) delivers powerful capabilities all in a single cloud solution for effective customer and sales management including sales force automation, marketing automation, customer service and customer support. NetSuite CRM also empowers a business with improved scalability features by integrating performance management, order management and partner management, meaning your customer data lives right alongside your account and other business data, solving the integration hassle and streamlining your business.

Why should you choose Oracle NetSuite CRM as a customer management tool?

NetSuite CRM software is a fully cloud-based business management solution that provides a unique combination of cost effectiveness, ease of use, and full-featured functionality without the limitations of legacy or stand-alone systems.

NetSuite CRM Solution

Powerful Customer Management Features in Oracle NetSuite CRM

NetSuite CRM is one of the most powerful customer management systems on the market, with key features to handle leads, sales, and customer information that make enterprise business processes more efficient, faster, and in real-time.

NetSuite CRM Consultation

Does NetSuite CRM have an edge over Salesforce?

Though NetSuite and Salesforce are both popular CRMs in the market, there are features that distinguish them from each other. On certain parameters, NetSuite emerges as the victor, especially when it comes to native integration features. The user-friendly interface, CRM capabilities on mobile, better e-commerce integrations, and enhanced forecasting capabilities all make NetSuite a potentially better choice, especially for companies without the large IT budgets required to integrate disparate systems.

Wrapping Up

An enterprise opting for Oracle NetSuite CRM can take advantage of a customer management tool that harnesses the following process and business growth-related benefits.

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