QuickBooks vs NetSuite - Which is the superior accounting software?

How is NetSuite Superior to QuickBooks? We Can Count the Ways!

Let’s face it, QuickBooks is basic accounting software that can’t keep pace when your business is growing and evolving. QuickBooks can’t support your business processes and can’t scale with your business. Oracle NetSuite, on the other hand, offers businesses the full suite of tools to grow and thrive, from order-to-cash to managing essential functions.

NetSuite’s Enterprise Features Offer a Competitive Edge Over QuickBooks

Oracle NetSuite is much more than a basic financial management solution. NetSuite is a fully featured, cloud-based ERP application that offers accounting, CRM, eCommerce, HR management, integrations, automation, and a suite of other professional services, all in real-time without any need for additional IT infrastructure. Overall, NetSuite goes beyond average book-keeping to fully support your essential business functions.

QuickBooks, however, doesn’t support critical business operations including subscription billing, revenue recognition, asset management, and multidimensional reporting. Manual keying of data, unpredictable reporting, and redundant processes mean using QuickBooks can affect your efficiency and productivity.

Migrate from QuickBooks to NetSuite
NetSuite offers preconfigured KPIs, workflows, reminders, and customizable dashboards to show how operations and accounting processes are being carried out in real-time, running your business better and smarter.
Comparing NetSuite and QuickBooks Features
Features NetSuite QB Online QB Enterprise
True Cloud Yes Yes No
App Store Yes Yes Third-Party
Seamless Upgrade Yes Yes No
Customization Yes No No
Multi-Entity Consolidation Yes No No
Flexible Chart of Accounts Yes Third-Party Third-Party
Segregation of Duties Yes Third-Party Third-Party

Here’s a brief comparison of important accounting features between NetSuite and QuickBooks, demonstrating why moving from QuickBooks to NetSuite gives you faster and more efficient accounting processes.

NetSuite to QuickBooks


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